A  worldbuilding project

The artistic project Tumbling Worlds explores material change and the creation of digital worlds by the artist Josefin Tingvall. By simulating degrading systems of wind, water, and movement using a stone tumbler, site-specific things and materials are mixed and worn against each other. The result of the project is a physical and digital material library containing the tumbled materials together with virtual game environments.

Tumbling Worlds is a transformative journey with a starting point in humanity's impact on earth's ever-changing environments and landscapes. Working with material-centered speculation, Tumbling Worlds examines our relationship to wear and tear, the loss of ascribed function, recognizable materiality, and the entanglement between the afterlife of consumer cultures and environmental processes. How do we relate to the unknown based on our everyday life?

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Ett världsbyggande projekt

Det konstnärliga projektet Tumbling Worlds utforskar materiell förändring och skapandet av digitala världar av konstnären Josefin Tingvall. Genom att simulera nedbrytande system av vind, vatten och rörelse med hjälp av en stentumlare blandas platsspecifika saker och material och slits mot varandra. Resultatet av projektet är ett fysiskt och digitalt materialbibliotek som innehåller det tumlade materialet tillsammans med virtuella spelmiljöer.

Tumbling Worlds är en förändringsresa med utgångspunkt i mänsklighetens inverkan på jordens ständigt föränderliga miljöer och landskap. Genom att arbeta med material centrerad spekulation undersöker Tumbling Worlds vårt förhållande till slitage, förlusten av tillskriven funktion, igenkännbar materialitet och förvecklingen mellan efterlivet av konsumentkulturer och miljöprocesser. Hur förhåller vi oss till det okända utifrån vår vardag?

 The Worlds:

, 2024

The Slakthuset world is made for the event Speculative Gathering and is based on found objects and materials around the Slakthuset area in Gamlestaden Göteborg during April - May 2024.

Selfportrait, 2024

The self portrait world is based on the artist movement, everyday habits and possessions; containing broken coffee cups, event tickets, water from studio and street slush. made between february-marsh 2024.   

Vasagatan, 2023

The Vasagatan is part of the development stages of the Tumbling world project and is based on materials found along the Vasagatan street in Gothenburg: gravel, autumn leaves, sprouting popple trees and posters.

Gothenburg Turistshop, 2023

The Touristshop is part of the developing stages of Tumbling worlds and is based on the tourist shop in Gothenburg containing materials such as: Visit Gothenburg water flask, fabric bag and official tourist map.

Public Events:  

Image text: Installation view of project, April 2024

ADA Formcenter Väst

At Ada Formcenter väst, Våghuset Göteborg, is a premiering sharing of  the project in the form of a floor installation and an opportunity to spend individual time in the game environment. Ada Formcenter Väst focus on development in design and craft practices and this became a entry point in the project interaction with publics.  3-7 April, 2024

Vernissage Tumbling Worlds, ADA Formcenter väst

Image text: Image from opening of Speculative Gatherings

Speculative Gatherings

In the shared Graduation event from the MFA in fine arts program called Speculative Gatherings is Tumbling Worlds partaking through a sitespecific world made from the slakthuset-area in Gothenburg.  It was exhibited through a material installation on a wall with the publication, hand drawn 3d-textures, rocks and a tile of tumbled materials. On the opposite wall the bar became a “game station” with a projected virtual environment with foliage sound and scattered text describing the imagend plantlife and local weather phenomenas.


Josefin Tingvall
Josefin Tingvall, based in Gothenburg Sweden, is a multidisciplinary artist with a base in textiles and craft. Her practice is rooted in a poetic and material enquiry into the dynamics, manipulation, and entanglements of objects and environments. 

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More information:

Website: https://josefintingvall.com/
Instagram: JosefinTingvall 
Contact: josefin.tingvall@gmail.com

The artwork Tumbling Worlds is a part of a Master of fine arts by Josefin Tingvall at HDK-Valand at Gothenburg University, 2024

With support from:

Berit och Carl-Johan Wettergrens stiftelse
Familjen Wikanders Stiftelse


- Exhibition at ADA Formcenter Väst, 3-7 April
- Speculative Gatherings, Göteborg Maj, 2024

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