Tumbling Worlds: Vasagatan

Information about Vasagatan:

The Vasagatan is part of the development stages of the Tumbling world project and is based on materials found along the Vasagatan street in Gothenburg: gravel, autumn leaves, sprouting popple trees and posters. It has experimented with making a walkable space with narration in the form of speech. Also handpainted the content and textures for 3d-materials became a way of demystifying and interacting with the virtual in a different way.

Open world environment.
Sound and narration voice
Material library, 10x10 cm squares.

More information:

Website: https://josefintingvall.com/
Instagram: JosefinTingvall 
Contact: josefin.tingvall@gmail.com

The artwork Tumbling Worlds is a part of a Master of fine arts by Josefin Tingvall at HDK-Valand at Gothenburg University, 2024

With support from:

Berit och Carl-Johan Wettergrens stiftelse
Familjen Wikanders Stiftelse


- Exhibition at ADA Formcenter Väst, 3-7 April
- Speculative Gatherings, Göteborg Maj, 2024

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